Seasonal Schedule


Approximate practice pool time by season. Specific levels will have practice within a subset of the times listed. For specific practice times by day and pool, click on the schedule link above. Winter hours are from approximately Nov 10 thru Feb 10. The schedule is cut back due to high school swim season, high school teams are given practice and meet time by the facilities.

Season/Pool Sunday Monday Tueday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Fall & Spring
CCM 8:30-12P 4:00-6:30P 4:00-7:30P 4:00-7:30P 4:00-7:30P 4:00-6:30P 3:30-7:00P
MBS 8:30-12
3:45-7:00P 3:45-7:00P 3:45-7:00P 3:45-7:00P 3:45-7:00P 10:00-3P


CCM 8:30-12P NA 7-9:30P NA 7:30-9:30P 5-7:30P 3:30-7:00P
MBS 8:30-12
5-7:00P 5-7:00P 5-7:00P 5-7:00P 5-7:00P 10-3:00P
CCM NA NA 4:00-6:30P 4:00-6:30P 4:00-6:30P NA NA
MBS 9-10:30A 6-7:30P NA 6-7:30P NA NA 9-10:30A
FP NA 6-8:00A 6-8:00A 6-8:00A 6-8:00A 6-8:00A NA

(CCM) County College of Morris
(MBS) Morristown Beard School
(FP)     Florham Park Community Pool