Meet FAQ


All active members in Level 1.5 are eligible to enter our home (CCM intrasquad) meets and in most cases their Silver/Bronze Championship meet as long as the swimmer has obtained times from earlier in the season from participation in our home meets. Levels 2-5 are eligible for those meets and all away meets. Eligibility is sometimes restricted by times, age, level or invitation. Times are set by the meet host, included in the meet information, and can be set to “must be faster than” or “must be slower than”. Swimmers should never contact the host directly to be entered but should follow the MCSC meet availability process.


Meet participation is optional though encouraged for the full team experience. How many and how often a swimmer competes is their decision, based on eligibility. Also, a swimmer can choose to take part in just one or any combination of days of a meet.


Submit your swimmers Meet Availability (MA) as soon as possible from when we post the meet schedule. We understand it may be difficult to predict availability months in advance. After submitting early you can provide updates. If you are unavailable after we have submitted the entry to the meet Host then you will be responsible for scratch fees (see more detail below). If you hold off submitting until you are sure you can attend you risk the meet closing out and your swimmer not swimming.

Do not use the 'last day to submit entries' date from the Host's meet information as a guide to when you need to submit availability. Meets can close out very quickly, sometimes within an hour of being posted. Aside from championship meets, which have an extended entry period, we submit entries as soon as they posted on NJ Swimming.


You can email us or ask the coaches for guidance but there are some basic guidelines you can follow. From the top of the home page click 'Meets'. There you will see a table with all the meets for the season with dates and eligibility .

For swimmers or caregivers who are new to meets our home CCM meets are a great way to get started. They are intra-squad, local, shorter and can be less intimidating than away meets.

The 'Meet Name' will become an active link to details once the host posts the information. If the link is not active yet and it is important to know whether your swimmer is in the morning or afternoon session you can click on Meet History and review the meet information from last year. The meets usually do not change format year to year.

Decide which meets you are interested in attending. If you are interested in a meet with time standards (cuts) there is no harm in giving availability. If they don't have the cuts they will not be entered. Should they achieve the cuts during the season we will add your swimmer to the meet, as long as the host allows. To view the meet cuts see the Host’s meet info.


To submit the dates you have chosen click 'Add/Change/Scratch' at the top of the 'Meets' page. Read the instructions, complete the form and press submit!

To change/update your availability use the same link.

The schedule may change during the season. This is why there are open dates listed that have no meet name. We will inform you of changes via update emails or on the announcements feed on There are times we will enter your swimmer last minute, under certain circumstances such as achieving times or a Host willing to substitute late entries in place of our scratches.


Your swimmers name will not appear on the Availability Report until you have filled out the ‘Add/Change/Scratch’ form (link on Meets page) next to the 'Availability Report' link. Within a day or two of submitting your swimmers availability you will able to see your submission on the Availability Report. This report shows the availability you’ve given, meets entered, and timing assignments (color coded) and more. There is a key at the top of the report that will help you with any abbreviations, fees and color coding. Check your swimmers posted availability occasionally to see if it needs updating.


The 'Entry' link on the Meets page will become active as soon as the coaches have completed the entry. For away meets this is generally from 2-6 weeks before the meet. For our CCM Home meets the entry will be posted a few days before the meet. Home meets- We will post the warm-up and session start times at the top of the entry, plus caregiver timing assignments, a few days before the meet.

Away meets- We will post session times only if they are different from the Host’s posted times. If we have been given a timing assignment it will posted at the top of our entry a few days before. You may need to review the meet information along with swimmer events from the entry to fully understand which events are offered each day of the meet.

The entry format is:
Name, Age, Club
Event #, Event, Best time(Y-Yards, L, long course)
Event #, Event, Best time
Event #, Event, Best time

The entry will look like this:
Superfast, Jane (13) MCSC-NJ
# 18 Women 13-14 100 Free 1:08.87Y
# 22 Women 13-14 100 Back 1:11.21Y
# 26 Women 13-14 50 Free 31.09Y*

*If you do not recognize a time it is most likely converted from short course (SC) to a long course (LC) time or vice versa. SC season, from September through March, is swam in a 25 yard pool. LC season, from April through the beginning of August, is swam in a 50 meter pool (Olympic size).


There are no fees to enter a meet for regular members. The club will cover all entry fees (with a limited few exceptions, see our Fees tab for details). There are scratch fees if you sign up and do not attend a meet (see “WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE A MEET” below).

PAYGo swimmers: OAW (Once a Week), WOAW (Weekday Once a Week), SNS (Saturday Night Special), HS (High School), or C (College) pay-as-you-go programs have a daily $25 per day fee. PAYGo swimmers are also committed to attending two MCSC practices in the 30 days prior to the meet.

Most meet hosts charge entrance fees for adult spectators. Fee is listed in the hosts meet information.


From the ‘Meets’ page use the 'Add/Change/Scratch' link to remove your availability asap. If we have committed our meet fees to the host the N/A option will have been removed and you will only be able to choose SCR. Scratch fees are $5 per event (an event= 1 splash= 1 dive into the pool, E.G. 50 free) and will be applied to your monthly fees. They are applied for any reason a swimmer doesn't swim an event including sickness and over-entering. We generally commit to meet hosts the earlier of when the meet closes or within a month after our first submission, unfortunately there is no set date.

If it is a last minute scratch you can still use the form or text or email that you are scratching. We also have a link on the 'Contact' page, 'Day of meet Scratch’.

Speaking with/emailing/texting the coach to scratch is respectful but you must still use the procedure mentioned above or it will result in a courtesy fee of $10 in addition to the scratch fees. No notification necessary if scratching events while at the session.


An MCSC swim cap is required for meets, personalized or generic. We place a cap order every September. If you did not order a cap we will have generic caps for sale at meets ($10 per). We do not have a team suit though all swimmers should have a ‘meet suit’. There are many styles/brands to choose from and you may purchase locally or online. The most important consideration is a competition suit should be as tight fitting as possible, as to create as little drag as possible. Suits stretch with wear and therefore the meet suit should not be worn at practices until it has been worn out from meets. There are no color or style requirements.

Regarding expensive technical suits, 10&under swimmers should not be wearing tech suits, 11&over swimmers should not be wearing tech suits until they have at least achieved JO times and then only at Championship Level meets and then they are still not needed or required.


A spare cap and goggles is a good idea as eventually there will be a wardrobe malfunction. Two towels. Something to wear over your suit in between events to stay warm, other than what you wore to the meet. Every swimmer will be given a team shirt in fall and this is nice for swimmers to wear for team spirit. You should bring plenty to drink and healthy snacks. Also bring something to entertain yourself; music/headphones, book, deck of cards. Label all clothing, there are always items left, we may be able to get them back to you if the swimmers name is in them. Bring a marker or pen as many swimmers choose to write their event, heat and lane assignments on their hand or forearm. Caregivers may want to bring a folding chair for use inside as allowed or for outside on nice days in between swimmer events.

Away meets- there is almost always a concession stand and a vendor with swim gear.
Home meet- some meets will have MCSC gear for sale.


Swimmers should arrive and be on the pool deck, ready to jump in, 10 minutes before the warm up time. Leave time to navigate the generally very busy parking lots at away meets.

Away meets- Swimmers should find where the coaches are sitting. The location usually stays in the same vicinity on the pool deck or in the bleachers at each location.  Swimmers keep their gear with them. Warm up is generally an hour in length and up to 90-minutes at well attended meets. Meet sessions are 3-4 hours not including warm up. Championship meet sessions may go longer than 4 hours.

Home meets- Swimmers should check in with the coaches at the shallow end of the pool. Caregivers with a work/on call assignment check in at the scoring table at the blocks end of the pool. Swimmers bring a lock and put their gear in a locker. They should bring their cap/goggles/ towel/drink out to the bleachers with them. Warm up is generally 30-60 minutes and the actual meet session is from 1.5 to 3 hours in length.

About half way through the warm-up heat sheets with the swimmers heat/lane assignments will be posted. Some swimmers like to write their event #’s/heat/lane on their arm with pen or marker. Though we guide the swimmers at our home meets, the swimmers are expected to know their events and line up a few heats before their turn on their own.


Yes, caregivers should always expect to have an assignment at our home, intra-squad meets and often enough, a timing assignment at an away meet. These assignments will be posted on the top of the entry a couple of days before the meet. The assignments are adjusted up to the start of the meet. Even if you didn’t have an assignment by the Wednesday before the meet, by Saturday morning you may have been substituted in. You can find the timing instructions link at the top of the Meets page.

Away meets- Know your assignment, coordinate with the other timers for assignment adjustments using the MCSC Timers blog, checking in for your assignment on the blog at least 30-minutes before the session start time and be on the pool deck on time to relieve the person before you. Away timing assignments are generally 30-45 minutes in length but can be longer if we have few swimmers taking part.

Home meets- Caregivers with a work/on call assignment must check in by the start of warm up at the scoring table at the blocks end of the pool. Assignments are generally 30-60 minutes, splitting the session with two sets of timers.


If you have have read through this entire page contact info @ mcscnj .com