MCSC Lessons Classes for pre-team members, swimmers still learning at least one of the 4 strokes, Free, Back, Breast & Fly. The lesson dates generally follow the MCSC Practice Calendar, September through June.

To join, let us know you're interested by mailing in our registration form . You will be contacted once we've processed your paperwork, then again when a spot opens. NOTE: The MCSC currently has a long wait list to join. Any registrations received after Sep 1 will probably not be offered a spot before spring 2018.

Availability and lessons days/times are subject to change without notice.  Check the pool practice schedule before going to your lesson just to be sure there hasn't been a last minute closing of the pool (eg inclement weather).

MBS Saturday MBS Sunday CCM Saturday CCM Sunday
12:15-1:15 10:45-11:45 3:30-4:30 10:00-11:00
12:15-12:45 10:45-11:15 3:30-4:00 10:00-10:30
12:45-1:15 11:15-11:45 4:00-4:30 10:30-11:00
    6:00-7:00* 11:00-12:00

 * Some lessons time vary by season.