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The Morris County Swim Club (MCSC) is dedicated to providing a multi-faceted youth swim program, with the goal of meeting the needs of each swimmer, from the recreational to the highly competitive, in a safe and healthy environment. Athletes train based on their goals, practicing the months and days that meet their needs. While the MCSC encourages athletes to take part in swim meets to enjoy the full experience of club swimming, participation in meets is optional. Membership requires the swimmers, caregivers & coaches to treat each other and those from other clubs, with mutual respect at all times. All members of the team (swimmers, coaches and caregivers) need to understand the policies and procedures as related to them.




Caregivers, coaches and swimmers must be committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment within the MCSC. All must have reviewed these policies and upon registration or employment, agree to abide by all policies. Failure to follow the guidelines/policies set in place by the MCSC may result in sitting out of a practice or meet, suspension or termination from the MCSC. Learn more at USA Swimming, Safe Sport.

Caregivers and coaches need to lead by example, setting a respectful and supportive environment toward each other and to all swimmers, whether or not on the MCSC. Bullying, including physical or verbal abuse, all forms of prejudice & sexual harassment and illegal substance abuse by swimmers, coaches or caregivers is inappropriate in any form. Without complete and total commitment to abide by this policy, it leaves swimmers subject to suspension or expulsion from MCSC.



Differences of opinion between adults need to be discussed and worked out in person, with a mediator if appropriate.

An athlete who feels that he or she has been harassed or bullied, etc is asked to do one or more of  the following:


The safety of our swimmers is our top priority. In order to maintain a safe environment, no glass bottles are allowed in the stands, lobby, locker room, or pool deck.  No food or drink is permitted in these areas (other than water for the swimmers).  We would also suggest swimmers use footwear when going to and from the locker room to the pool deck.  There is no running permitted anywhere in the buildings. Siblings must be directly supervised at all times. There is no playing near, leaning over or sitting on the bottom railing at MBS. Swimmers may use the locker rooms to quickly change & rinse off before and after practices and meets. Any inappropriate behavior should be reported to the coach on deck asap.




Are responsible for always doing their best, for being a good teammate and for cheering on & encouraging their peers. Swimmers are the MCSC‘s representatives and should always act accordingly at practices and swim meets.


1) Arrive 10-15 minutes early, shower and be on the pool deck ready to swim 5 minutes before the practice start time. Wear swim caps during practice if hair is longer than 3 inches in length. Fins are required and may be purchased though the coach at your first practice. Be sure to always bring a water bottle.

2) Respect the coaches.

3) Respect your teammates in and out of the pool.

4) Respect the practice facilities.

Swim Meets

Swimmers may choose to compete in all, some or no meets dependant upon their goals. They may also choose to swim only one day of a multi day meet. Caregivers pick the meets and days, coaches choose the swimmers events.

1) Meet Etiquette

2) Good Sportsmanship

3) Team uniform policy

4) Events & Relays

Individual events


Swim meet FAQ


The swimmers family is an important part of the swim team and the swimmers success. The caregivers job is to support the swimmers in a positive manner.



The coach is responsible for providing safe & effective training, giving guidance and support to the swimmers, following all MCSC policies.


Swimmers, caregivers and coaches will be expected to follow all the guidelines of the handbook.