The path to Olympic Gold: NJ Swimming's championship season ends with the Junior Olympics and Senior Championship meets. There are further meets, including from the Eastern Zone of USA Swimming, Age Group Zones and Sectionals. Following those are USA Swimming Futures, Junior Nationals, Nationals and during Olympic years, the USA Olympic Trials. At Olympic Trials, only the top-two finishers go on to the Olympics for individual events.

Description of the Eastern Zone Short Course meets, Age Group Zones and Sectionals

Eligibility Reports (as of 2/13) Zones Sectionals

Zones – For those that know Zones from prior years, the format has changed. The Zones meet has changed to a team entered meet (not a NJ Swimming team with limited attendees) in Webster NY. MCSC will attend and there are 10&U, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18 age groups. Zones will close out if it reaches maximum swimmer capacity.

Sectionals – MCSC will be attending the short course meet in Ithaca NY.

Common to both meets: Click the Meets tab for qualifying times and meet information for both meets. Qualifiers are based on cut times. To attend, be sure you've submitted your Meet Availability and attain cut times. Review the specific meet information for various entry submission qualifying dates. Both meets have opened for entry submissions. Zones swimmers used to attend as a team, bused and housed as a NJ Swimming team. Both meets are now like regular season meets, caregivers transport the swimmers, pay for accommodations and meals. So if you might attend, make your hotel reservations! Be sure you can cancel them if you might decide not to attend. For these meets, you'll find that hotel rates are lower if you stay a little further away from the meet site. For Zone and higher level meets, caregivers are responsible for fees for their individual entries and per swimmer fees. Caregivers pay MCSC. MCSC will set up the entry, send in and pay the host. To be entered, swimmers need to be in good standing (payments up to date and not under any disciplinary actions). As away meets, attending can be expensive. Even if you attain cuts, attending is optional like all meets, though Coach Al hopes everyone will try to attend at least once for the experience. There are no scratch fees if you sign up but don't attend because you are committed to entry fees when we submit the entries to the host. Both meets have relays and MCSC covers those fees. While there is meet specific official merchandise sold at the venues, swimmers sometimes coordinate the purchase of “MCSC” Zone/Sectional merchandise, as allowed by the caregivers. Both meets are fun and an experience to attend but be sure to consider cost, dates, school requirements and breaks, family and individual goals.

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